Building Alternative Asset Platforms for Investors

Infrastructure Renewables Property Specialist Debt


Cabot Square Alternatives Plc (LSE: ALTS) is a new closed-ended evergreen UK Investment Trust for investors to access returns from the alternatives sector to generate an attractive level of sustainable dividend income alongside capital appreciation over the long term.

ALTS has identified the opportunity to create and build Alternative Asset Platforms. The Company will do so by investing directly in a portfolio of infrastructure and property alternative assets (“Alternative Assets”) and in alternative asset managers manging those assets (“Alternative Asset Managers”). The combination on investing in Alternative Assets and their Alternative Asset Managers will create Alternative Asset Platforms.

Alternative Assets will take the form of direct interests in infrastructure, including renewable energy, and property alternative assets or specialist debt secured against infrastructure and property assets.

ALTS is managed by Cabot Square Capital LLP, its Alternative Investment Fund Manager (“AIFM” or “Investment Manager”), which will be advised by Cabot Square Alternatives Adviser LLP (“Investment Adviser”).

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ALTS represents a new model for investors to access returns from investing directly in attractive infrastructure and property Alternative Assets as well as share in the value creation of specialist Alternative Asset Managers by building Alternative Asset Platforms. In addition to delivering target returns we will also focus investment on making a positive ESG impact.

Keith Maddin, Fund Manager and Partner, Cabot Square Alternatives PLC

We are delighted to announce our intention to launch ALTS and believe that our Management Team has the experience and expertise to deliver the target returns. Given our pipeline we expect to deploy the IPO proceeds efficiently and effectively.

Charlie Rickets, Chairman, Cabot Square Alternatives PLC

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